Meridian by Jonathan Louis Duckworth

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In a cobblestone market
a woman sells potatoes
and other scabs of the earth.

But only at strange hours,
so that she can blot her features
with the ink of night.

Her face is two halves
bisected by a meridian
of blisters.

The one hemisphere smooth
and freckled like pear skin,
the other raw and marbled,
hard and cracked like
the shingles of a chateau’s
sun-blasted ruin.

Once she saw and felt
the entire world catching fire,
but only half believed it.

Jonathan Louis Duckworth

Jonathan Louis Duckworth is an MFA student at Florida International University and a reader for the Gulf Stream Magazine. His fiction, poetry, and non-fiction appears in or is forthcoming in New Ohio Review, Fourteen Hills, PANK Magazine, Literary Orphans, Cha, Superstition Review, and elsewhere.