Three to Read #14 with April Michelle Bratten


How to Break Up the Band
by Cassandra de Alba in Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

This poem (inspired by Yoko Ono) is a real stand out. It stuns in its simple, straight forward language and knocks you out with its enticing imagery. These lines say it all: “be the kind of witch/they are always burning,/but do not burn”.


Do You Feel Tenderness
by Niina Pollari in Poetry Society of America.

There is so much to love about this poem by Niina Pollari. This is a poem that you cannot quit, and every read thereafter will feel just as awe-inspiring as the first. Make sure to check out what Pollari has to say about the poem underneath, and it’s just as wonderful as the work itself.


Bobby Reads Chekhov
by Heather June Gibbons in Sixth Finch.

Gibbons is a poet I need to read more of and immediately. I walked away from this poem feeling like I had slid a little piece of the world into my pocket. Quirky, yet profound, this is a poem not to be missed.

Contributing Editor

April Michelle Bratten lives in Minot, North Dakota. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Gargoyle, THRUSH Poetry Journal, Southeast Review, Stirring, decomP, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Zone 3, and others. Her Anne of Green Gables inspired chapbook, Anne with an E, is due to be published in the fall of 2015 by dancing girl press. She is the editor of Up the Staircase Quarterly.