Summer Storms by Rachel Hertzberg

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summer storms

rain so often it was prose instead of punctuation
rain to blur the neon lights at dusk
rain to make the car sway side to side, and i
swayed from side to side as well.

i was everywhere in the city, and also nowhere.

rain and earth under my nails
on my hands, wet in my hair, softening
my cuticles.

i was not in love.
i was infatuated with the way
the trees draped, enamored
with the heavy

you left like a thunderclap,

left me standing on the narrow curb
the soil, soggy, always shifting,
too much in flux
for the grass to grow.

Rachel Hertzberg

Rachel Hertzberg is a student and writing living near Philadelphia. She has been previously published in The Rusty Nail, Parallax Online, and New Moon Girls.