Songs from River Styx by Natalie Wee

The Siren by Sammy Slabbinck
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oh for an age we built
empires with the wishbone
of your spine / left halfmoon
constellations down
to the milk of you / all
starlight where our bodies
were primal things / clawing
each rib and what
lay under it but fireflies in

darkness where you
were lilac & poppy seed / ocean
swift-body roiling like horses
trying to shake off masters’ hands / mine
faultlines where time
had come to break itself into tangerine
blossoming roses / in
golden curls / skipping stone
jugular caesura / caesura / ceases

/ cut
my mouth on temple floors / asking
for the best thing I stole back
from the dead un- / poach you
from the fire no / oil
only the river inside us / deeper
than our fingers have
been under the earth & what
good is memory without
your fruit

Natalie Wee

Natalie Wee has been published or has poems forthcoming in (parenthetical) magazine, the Rising Phoenix Review, Apt Magazine, METATRON ÖMËGÄ and Words Dance. This aspiring slam poet struggles amidst a precarious balancing act between graduate school and writing. You may find more of her works at