My Mother’s Ashes by Sarah Kate Osborn

Goodbye Baby by Alex Garant
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my mother’s ashes

i buried my mother a long time ago
in a bedroom instead of a coffin but
just as dark inside
we stay quiet in the halls because
even the dog knows the word ​depression

when i say no one has seen my mother in three days
i don’t mean she’s been abducted or run away
i mean the lights have not come on in a while
i mean it’s been three days since something moved
i mean she is less tenderheart and more tombstone

in my house
we spin sadness into gold
and call it monday
we shake orange plastic bottles like maracas
because the doctor’s signature
gave us permission to forget
we string christmas lights on caskets
and warm our fingers by the fire
that burned our home

sarah kate osborn

sarah kate osborn is an amateur poet from north carolina who hates describing herself and rebels against capital letters. she is trying to toss her voice into a world already filled with noise and may have nothing meaningful to say. she has previously been published in “the rising phoenix review” and can be found at