Poetry Everywhere You Look: Welcome to Night Vale Blackout Poetry from Episode 13

by Alexis Smithers

13- A Story About

“This is a story about you,’ said the radio
because you always wanted to hear about yourself

Welcome to this story about you.

you live out near the car lot, next to Josie.
Occasionally, she’ll wave you on her
for the Angels
Occasionally, you’ll wave back.
You’re not terrible
at night.
You can see the red blinking on and off of the human
the impeccable drop of stars and void.
You’ll sit with your back to the brightness
watching the hours.

But only you.

This story didn’t always live.
Somewhere else there were
you wrote dear
you wrote some good
this dreary world!
At last, not yourself!
Then you would delete that and
something else would be sent out and
not read by anyone.

You had a friend
and then
and then
–the same.
She sometimes.
sometimes you.

You touched.

“Look life is stressful. This is true everywhere.
[…] But when Cecil talked it was possible to let some of that go.”

(p. 24 from the Welcome to Night Vale book)

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Contributing Editor

Alexis Smithers is a twenty one year old explosion of messes. They are queer black writer that was published in a book about how horses heal (Wild at Heart by Heather Kirby), and has work that can be found on theEEEL. Fun facts: they tied a pillowcase to their back and tried to fly after seeing Sky High, their mantra can be found in Wreck-It Ralph, The Babadook, or Orphan Black (depending on the day) and they’re terrified of mostly everything but art makes the fear easier to hold.