Johnny by Karese Burrows

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has hands bigger than the world
and I’ve let them roam in places
where a girl shouldn’t.

There’s a difference between men
who love you and men who only take
you home to have you kiss them in
places other women have been.

There’s no love in being taken on a
couch. Nothing sweet about a man
when he’s done with you. But the heart
can’t tell the difference. And the heart
just needs to be thrown a bone.

My body is a city where all the streetlights
come on. Sensors that go off at the
slightest hint of something that could be

Johnny touches me. Just his mouth leaving
catastrophe. Just his fingers in a home with
walls that mark easily.

Karese Burrows

Karese Burrows is a poet from Bahamas. She’s been published twice, both times by Words Dance Publishing. You can read more of her poetry here: