Ouroboros by Yana Lyandres

Waiting 4 u be like by Mercedes Hazard
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I know you are states away so
I don’t tell you how your beard
gets me off and you pretend
you don’t already know
I attract you like summer bugs
to my sweet legs
even though now you’re single
we’re still not together this is a world
artificial—of black, of pictures sent past 2 AM
nicotine warmth, your eyes glowing
in response to my light.

I wear sheer shirts, your hats, I cut my own holes
in my shorts I want to take you
to see trees in Russia my grandpa planted
in the back of our old summerhouse on my
day of birth, if that’s not too forward.

You’re still not single Alabama-movin’
with your cheating girlfriend
she’s candy on Halloween you will keep
for too long I haven’t chosen
my costume yet but I know I want to shed
this skin before I overheat
and mistake myself for food and bite.

Yana Lyandres

Yana Lyandres is a French and English double major at New York University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in several publications online including Diverse Voices Quarterly and Yellow Chair Review, and Words Dance.