I’m Studying Gender and Sexuality by Erin Taylor

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I’m Studying Gender and Sexuality

I let my clit breathe before class as my hand explored my lines as if
my body weren’t mine
I remember the first time I let a boy touch me – he clumsily felt around
as if he didn’t really know what he was looking for
the first girl I let kiss my body followed my happy line down my stomach
flowers grew and my garden smelled like her and I and love.
my first time was in a hotel room with a person I had known for a week
their existence took up a room of its own and I spent the next six
months trying to assert myself.
the first time I ever discovered pleasure I was a child laying on my bedroom
floor, my thighs (powerful even then) touched
I was reborn
I am reborn every time I have sex:
a thoughtless reincarnation of my former self
brand new
I masturbated while writing this.

Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor is a Tulsan poet currently living in China. She enjoys spicy street noodles, the bullet train to Shanghai, and falling in love too easily (so easily, incredibly so). Her poetry can be found in Girls Get Busy, Be About It, Terrain Zine, Basement Babes, and Moloko House. You can find her poetry and emotional ramblings at her blog: amarettoandslayin.tumblr.com