Banana by Audrey Zhao

Memory, #145 by Kris @ EcclesiastesOneTen


            is the color of men who tell me

                                    to swallow my tongue,

to encase myself inside

                      a china bubble of Valium belief.

They say: Baby she looks (I look)

                      so good

in plastic but

            my insides rupture paleness

                                    and my outside is yellow:

teeth I don’t want bleached.

Audrey Zhao

Audrey Zhao is a high school senior at Marin Academy in northern California. She was a poetry mentee in The Adroit Journal’s 2015 Summer Mentorship Program. Audrey’s interests outside of writing include texting back in a timely fashion, booping dogs’ noses, and coffee (yes, she is That Hipster complaining about hipster coffee in hipster San Francisco coffee shops). Her favorite chess tournament is the Mechanics’ Institute’s Tuesday Night Marathon.