Poetry For Movers—Movement In Space, Time and Self

Running Foxes by Gladys Paulus

The Last July

…Still, the clocks in this house get smaller

every day with acres and acres of dirt

ready to claim us. When I say,

at last, I am completely flattened,

how is it that loss

can always find

more room?

– from Mammoth by Rachel McKibbens

Elegy (For Marge and Nathan Sands)

…But today, even from New York, my home in Cincinnati

is still folding around me like and egg. It isn’t yet the city

in which my father will leave my mother. Or the city to

which he’ll return. Or the two weeks between that I won’t

remember. Or the two weeks after he comes home but

isn’t really home. Or the decade we’ll spend pretending it

didn’t happen. Or the years I will immediately fall asleep

each time my mother mentions her own sadness.

– from The New Clean by Jon Sands

Release It

…Worth is not a well to be poisoned

it is not a tumbler being filled or

drank from by some audacious God,

nor a monthly allowance we get

when we are not beautiful.

Drive to the ocean. No, drive to

the Redwoods. Drive to whatever

landmark reminds you that

becoming is a slow glory and leave

your shame. It will not follow you home.

– from We Slept Here by Sierra DeMulder

I want to have children so they can one day grow old and watch me die

…Her body is starting to give up on her.

Her mind is telling her it’s over

and her heart beats this every two beats.

Will I be there when my mother dies

or will it be something

I only see

in me?

– from It Starts From The Belly and Blooms by Thomas Fucaloro

Late Night Speech With My Brother

…It is not

too late. Your life is ahead of you,

behind you is thirty years of

death- I have seen a man of eighty

drop his parents hands and just walk the other way

– from The Dead and The Living by Sharon Olds

Contributing Editor

SaraEve Fermin is a performance poet and epilepsy advocate from New Jersey. An East Coast heart jumping circus trains, she is the editor-in-chief of Wicked Banshee Press. Nowadays can be found volunteering at National Poetry Slam Events. She is a Women of the World Poetry Slam Competitor and her work can be found in GERM Magazine, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Free Verse Magazine and Transcendence among others. Her second book of poetry, The View From The Top of the Ferris Wheel, will be published by Emphat!c Press in 2015. She believes in the power of foxes and self publishing.