Blurring The Line Between Poetry & Music

“Turning Tables” // Adele ft. Rudy Francisco

An “unofficial remix”, this track combines spoken word poet Rudy Francisco’s poem Turning Tables (from his 2011 School Spirit EP) with Adele’s song of the same name (from her 2011 album 21).

“Body Love” // Mary Lambert

Singer/songwriter Mary Lambert tends to use words in such a way that you can tell she was a poet long before we started hearing her hits on the radio. Despite being included on her debut album Heart On My Sleeve, “Body Love” comes off more spoken word performance than song.

“Nine” // La Dispute

Formed in 2004, La Dispute has been described as a post-hardcore band with spoken word influences. This track from the Here, Hear III. EP is one of my favorites but other notable songs include “Nobody, Not Even The Rain” and “Such Small Hands” (both named after an E.E. Cummings line).

“Reset My Bones” // Hunt ft. Andrea Gibson

From the album Dark Come Sooner, this song by post-rock band Hunt contains poet-activist Andrea Gibson´s poem “Jellyfish”.

Contributing Editor

Trista Mateer is a writer and poet living outside of Baltimore, Maryland. She believes in lipstick, black tea, and owning more books than she can ever possibly read. Known for her eponymous blog, she is also the author of two collections of poetry.