2015 Best of the Net Nominations + Honorable Mentions!

Though extremely difficult, I managed to whittle 88 poems down to 27 & then to 6 for Words Dance’s Best of the Net Anthology nominations. Below you will find our 6 nominees + 21 honorable mentions!

Big Love & Gratitude to everyone that submitted & trusted Words Dance with their work this past year, truly, y’all astound me on the regular, thank you – thank you – thank you.

2015 Best of the Net Nominees

The Epileptic Monitoring Unit
by SaraEve Fermin

The Rape of Persephone
by Hannah Hamilton

Prayer for Mike Brown (or How I Became a Black Man)
by Tanaka Mhishi

Symptoms of Courage May Include
by Aleph Altman-Mills

The Reel World
by Amy L. George

The Weight
by Lily Myers

Honorable Mentions

The Memory of a Single Thread
by Hawa Y. Mire

Winter Weather Advisory
by Christian Sammartino

La Douleur Exquise
by Matthew Richards

Memorial Day
by Matthew Richards

Fall in the White Mountains
by Matthew Richards

Her Story
by Madeline Vardell

The End of the World in Ten Stanzas
by Sonya Plenefisch

My Lover is the Sunlight
by Lydia Havens

Learning To Question
by Rachel Nix

Like the Rat He Is
by Rachel Nix

Late Night Shift
by Beatriz F. Fernandez

A Home of Our Own
by Brett Salsbury

Letter Home
by Claire Nelson

Stepping Stones: An Ode to Gender and Sexuality in Three Parts
by Mitch & Angel James

For Her
by Kirsten Uhde

Trying To Make My Mother Say the Word “Depression” in a Game of Catch Phrase
by Kirsten Uhde

To My Astrologist Friend
by William Taylor Jr.

The Thief
by Meggie Royer

by William James

Summer Camp
by Jessica Therese

by Naomi Thiers