Poetry Findings of the Summer

As like many of you have probably done this summer, I’ve spent mine reading. So I decided to throw together a little collection of poetry findings I’ve discovered throughout the summer months!

Tandem by Dalton Day
(free chapbook)

I’ve often described Dalton Day’s work as otherworldly. Pure, poetic and captivating in its language, it leaves you breathless at its subtle beauty and poignant messages. You can check out this poem in his chapbook, Tandem above, and his other works on his blog.

Scheherazade by Stevie Edwards

Stevie Edwards delivers a beautiful and profound poem focusing on a relationship. With beautifully spoken audio to match, you can’t help but find yourself drawn into the perimeters of this love, and find yourself engulfed in it.

All Beautiful Boys and Their Bodies Broken By Light by Mehrin Siddiqi
(free zine)

After discovering Mehrin through her charismatic yet honest zines, her first chapbook is a raw exploration of the transition of feeling, and what it means to feel intimacy, yearning and love. You can discover more of her wonderful works on her blog.

You Never Bought Me Flowers by Neichelle Loh
(free zine)

This zine is personally crafted, formed out of diary entries and photography. It not only deals with Neichelle’s transition through love and heartbreak, but also through her personal issues of depression and anxiety. You can find more of Neichelle’s work here.

Contributing Editor

Jade Mitchell is an 18 year old poet / writer who resides near Glasgow, Scotland. Her work has been featured in The Grind Journal, Inky Paper and Ink Scotland. Aside from working on her writing and poetry, you can find her listening to Lorde and reading every poem she can find in sight.