8 More Songs to Feed the Poet in You

1. No Angels – Bastille ft. Ella Eyre

A cover of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ mixed with Ella Eyre’s ‘No Angels’ with added doses of eeriness via excerpts from the movie Psycho, and my noteworthy lyrics are actually movie quotes, but run with it.

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “We’re all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out.”

2. Broad Ripple is Burning – Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “If my woman was a fire, she’d burn out before I wake, and be replaced by pints of whiskey, cigarettes and outer space.”

3. We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off – Ella Eyre

I’m a sucker for slowed down songs sung in husky tones by beautiful people, sue me. This one is originally a song by Jermaine Stewart, but if I’m honest, I never cared for it much ‘til this cover.

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “I’ve got needs, just like you, and if the conversations good, vibrations through and through.”

4. Hello My Old Heart – The Oh Hello’s

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “Oh, don’t leave me here alone, don’t tell me that we’ve grown for having loved a little while.”

5. Missing Parts – Daniela Andrade

I mean, I warned you about the cover thing… This one’s originally by Jeff Pianki.

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “Who’s gonna love you now that gravity brought you down? Now that I’m not around, who’s gonna love you now?”

6. Why You – Joe Purdy

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “Why you always looking so sweet? You walk into the room and it brings me to my knees. Yeah, so why you always looking so sweet?”

7. Pink Rabbits – The National

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “You didn’t see me, I was falling apart, I was a television version of a person with a broken heart.”

8. We Don’t Eat – James Vincent McMorrow

Noteworthy lyrics:

  • “Never once has any man I’ve met been able to love so if I were you, I’d just have a little trust.”

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Donna-Marie Riley currently resides in the South West of England. She is author of the poetry collection Love and Other Small Wars, published by Words Dance, and also featured in Between Sentiment and Sensation: Vol I, published by Red Paint Hill. She romanticizes cold coffee and bitten nails and she likes her poetry shaken, not stirred.