Three to Read #13 with April Michelle Bratten


Service Industry
by Nina Puro in Powder Keg Magazine.

Although you will find three remarkable poems by Nina Puro at the link provided, I absolutely adored the second of the set, “Service Industry.” This poem was contradictory–highly intimate and secretive at the same time. This opposing approach to her story makes Puro’s poem a complex success. You will feel like you are curled up in Puro’s lap while she holds a hand in your face. The ending is stunning, perfect.


5 poems
by Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick in Catch & Release.

When highlighting a set of poems, I normally pick a favorite to center my focus. However, this set of five poems by Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick are best read together as they tell a complete, compelling, and unflinching personal story about divorce. I have admired Hardwick’s writing for some time now, and let me tell you, these poems do not disappoint.


Date Night in High Humidity
by Gina Keicher in BOAAT.

Because it’s a super hot summer day. Because I currently do not have air conditioning in my apartment. Because I am MELTING, but it isn’t from the literal heat. Beautifully written by Gina Keicher, “Date Night in High Humidity” is packed with sticky summer, mystery, and longing.

Contributing Editor

April Michelle Bratten lives in Minot, North Dakota. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Gargoyle, THRUSH Poetry Journal, Southeast Review, Stirring, decomP, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and others. Her Anne of Green Gables inspired chapbook, Anne with an E, is due to be published in the fall of 2015 by dancing girl press. She is the editor of Up the Staircase Quarterly.