ACHE in 5 Parts | Google Poetry by Trista Mateer

A quick breakdown on Google Poems:

Popularized by blogs like Google Poetics, Google poems are comprised of autocompleted search results. The reason these little found poems are often so intriguing is because Google’s autocomplete feature is based on previous users’ searches. “Google says other factors are also used to determine what to show beyond popularity. However, anything that’s suggested comes from real search activity by Google users, the company says.”* Varying from the mundane to the moving depending on your results, Google poems offer a brief look at human nature from a broader perspective than that of the singularly narrated works which we are more accustomed to.

ACHE in 5 Parts

Contributing Editor

Trista Mateer is a writer and poet living outside of Baltimore, Maryland. She believes in lipstick, black tea, and owning more books than she can ever possibly read. Known for her eponymous blog, she is also the author of two collections of poetry.