Word Dance’s Package to a Creative Summer!

June has finally arrived, and you all know what that means…


So whilst you all bask in the glory of the summer heat with a great read (or begin the great crusade of TV shows and movies awaiting you on Netflix), I’ve decided to create a Summer poetry package filled with prompts, poetry and music to get you and your creative juices flowing!

Recommendations + Articles:

‘Fishtail by the Scyamore Tree’ – Yasmin Belkhyr

‘The Nosebleed Year’ – Ava Goga

We, Gold Girl – Scherezade Siobhan

Four Poems by Cecilia Woloch

Late Sunday Morning by Elana Bell

Cosmology in Five Acts by Caroline Rayner

Warm Teeth by Eleanor Hazard

Jenny Holzer & her Inflammatory Essays

Winter Tangerine Review’s Shedding Skins

Prompt List:

1. Bedroom­Bound

2. Emptied Hallways

3. Skipped Stones Down by the Creek

4. Awaking after Sunset

5. Summer Love / Loss

6. The History We Make

7. Bonfires in Daylight

8. Burning the Bridges

9. What We Yearned For

10. What Awaits Us


8tracks Tracklist:

Holidays – Lydia

Let Me In – GroupLove

No Better – Lorde

Never Gonna Change – Broods

I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

The Exit – Lydia

Twenty Years – Bad Suns

Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

All is Well (Goodbye Goodbye) – Radical Face

If you’ve decided to carry out the prompts, then I’d love to see them! You can either comment your pieces on our Facebook post or even submit them to my blog, Happy writing!

Contributing Editor

Jade Mitchell is an 18 year old poet / writer who resides near Glasgow, Scotland. Her work has been featured in The Grind Journal, Inky Paper and Ink Scotland. Aside from working on her writing and poetry, you can find her listening to Lorde and reading every poem she can find in sight.