Sway This Way: Kissing Angles by Sarah Fletcher | REVIEW

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Review by Jade Mitchell

Kissing Angles is not your typical exploration of love.

Sarah Fletcher slips through the surface and explores the cracks beneath, for this isn’t love that we know of. This love is darker. Whether it be through playful visions of lovers dressed in drag, or through love affairs with boys from New Orleans, what Fletcher brilliantly captures is the kind of love that causes friction – the electric pulse that connects you with another. Through poems such as “The Wrestler and The Sailor’s Daughter”, Fletcher captures this intensity instantly.

“As she moves on him
like an approaching tide,
she says she wants
to match his skin, be turned
to pearl string purple,
just like him.”

But it isn’t just love that Fletcher delves into. It’s the repercussion of it. Fletcher looks into the loss and the longing for what once was, capturing the highly-strung emotion. 
One of her strongest poems, “This Villanelle Has Two Endings” explores this perfectly. With the juxtaposing stanzas building up the essence of hope, it also reveals the barren reality, that the golden image of your ideal future may not always come true.

“You hold my hand, and hold our child’s too.
(The bleeding will subside. I leave the room.)”

What Fletcher also takes influence from is the love affairs of the past. From history, she picks women such as the Kraut Girls and Eva Braun; all of whom faced prejudice throughout their lives for the love they indulged in. She pinpoints the prejudice that the Kraut Girls faced due to their supposed betrayal for the men that captivated their hearts, whilst capturing the intensity of Eva’s relationship with Adolf Hitler from her own perspective.

“Against my yellow hair, he said I looked like flame.
He touched me, then, and did not burn.”

Kissing Angles is love cracked open, with Sara Fletcher conjuring the hunger, the ambition and the rawness of the feeling, making it a powerful read from a promising poet.

Sarah Fletcher is a young British-American poet. In 2012, she was a Foyle Young Poet, and in 2013, She won the Christopher Tower Poetry Prize. She has been published in The Rialto, the Morning Star, and The London Magazine. Her debut pamphlet ‘Kissing Angles’, ‘a sexy, witty, bold collection’ (Gillian Clarke), is available on Dead Ink.

Contributing Editor

Jade Mitchell is an 18 year old poet / writer who resides near Glasgow, Scotland. Her work has been featured in The Grind Journal, Inky Paper and Ink Scotland. Aside from working on her writing and poetry, you can find her listening to Lorde and reading every poem she can find in sight.