Summer Camp by Jessica Therese

She of the Water by Joel Robison
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It was summer when we drove three hours
down south, my wet shirt clinging to my back,
fingers tapping along to Van Morrison on the radio.

Boys were immature then, feeling our legs for
signs of stubble, pulling bra straps just to hear the snap.
They sat by the pool where we strapped pink goggles

to our eyes and played Marco Polo,
laughed as we capsized canoes
just to feel the thrill of something forbidden,

clothes still on, heavy and sticking to our skin,
resistant to the water as we chased after
drifting oars. I had my first kiss that night,

the air hanging heavy between our mouths,
our teeth bumping whilst fireworks crackled down
the sky like water colours.

Back home, a frayed friendship bracelet
the only evidence those two months weren’t
a delirious dream.

Jessica Therese

Jess is a twenty year old musician and writer from Sydney, Australia. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Music Performance in clarinet at Sydney University. She wants to visit Iceland and plant a field of poppies in her backyard. She only wears odd socks. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Thistle Magazine, Germ Magazine, Letters from Bummer Press, Degenerates: Voices for Peace, and others. Follow her on Tumblr at @contramonte.