My Friend, The Wolf by Katrina Gray

That Boy Is Bad, And Honestly He’s A Wolf In Disguise by Joel Robison
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My Friend, The Wolf

There’s something about the way
you say missing;
a push of tongue against teeth —
the sound slips out so easily.
I think you’re someone who knows too much
about the shadowed part of the moon;
with a voice like that,
with those eyes.
At the dinner table, your drink goes untouched.
You line up all the knives.
I wonder about your hands;
they look like they were made for this:
for the jagged edges,
for the sharper points.
You probably know a lot about bleeding.
I guess most women do.
On our plates we’ve placed the hearts
of those who meant to harm us.
We must consume what tried to kill us.
We must grow strong.
Me and my friend,
the wolf.


Katrina Gray

Katrina Gray is a twenty-six year-old Canadian who is fulfilling the prophecy, as foretold by her sixth grade teacher, to write. She’s never one to back down from a feminist argument, or a long binge of character driven TV. She suffers from existential angst, always losing her pen lids, and thinking of the perfect line just before she falls asleep. Though she’s been writing for years, she has never seriously considered publishing, but is looking forward to this new adventure.