Music To Write To | Ghosts in Your Eardrum | A Playlist

Hello, everyone! I’m Anita. For my first post as a contributing editor, I humbly offer some inspiration juice. Here’s to all you writers and creators. A fluttering of benevolent spirits. The grey felt wings of a thousand moths. If you are like me, you are neither bite nor bark, but a mouthful of teeth all the same. A mouthful of words you try to grind into music between your molars. This is a playlist of songs to permeate your body until it becomes a vessel for lighter things, and every emotion flows through like a hollow glass urn. Think swelling. Think ambient. Atmospheric, oscillating between wavelengths. Hushed vocals, resonating instruments, and beats with anesthetic properties. A playlist of songs that tune your soul to vibrate in perfect harmony with the universe.

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1. We Can’t Be Friends by Dream Koala
2. Yawny At The Apocalypse by Andrew Bird
3. Window by The Album Leaf
4. Don’t Call Me At All by Flatsound
5. Apart by Balam Acab
6. Sun Will Set by Zoë Keating
7. Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior by Hype Williams
8. Asleep by The Smiths
9. They Move on Tracks of Never- Ending Light by This Will Destroy You
10. Exposition by Takenobu
11. About You (Dream Koala Remix) by XXYYXX
12. That Home by Cinematic Orchestra (Extended Full Version)
13. Rake by Sufjan Stevens
14. Thursday by Takenobu
15. Without You by Spooky Black

Contributing Editor

Anita Ofokansi is a writer from Kansas City. She dabbles mostly in poetry and is working on her first collection. Her work has been featured in several publications, including Winter Tangerine Magazine and Whispering Prairie Press. When she is not writing, Anita loves to waste her time blank-faced in front of her laptop, or deciding which tattoos and piercings will make her parents cry the least. She dreams of one day writing and directing movies.