Why Not by Kathryn Paul

Rose Queen by Clare Elsaesser
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Why Not

Why not dance aerobically in pink tutus with the archbishop while stars do-wop in the sky as though some heavenly disco had dropped the velvet rope like teenage boys drop trou and let the world all in, like a card game where you don’t know whether it’s poker, go fish, or duplicate bridge, but you toss your chips on the green felt anyway, absentmindedly scooping onion dip with one, hoping aces are high and don’t just mean you’re the old maid again.

Do people ever say it without irony: “why not” without inflection, unselfconsciously willing to try starfishing right off the pier on a moonlit night like that kid on the movie screen tossing hope into the sky hook line and it won’t sink us. Who could love in this world if there were only marching and no tap dancing with abandon, so let’s all carry pink tutus in our just-in-cases, along with peanut butter and jelly and champagne for the road that leads us up, unspooling from one single petal into the whole wild field.


Kathryn Paul

Kathryn Paul writes poems in order to examine big things in a small, focused way, always with compassion and honesty — sometimes with humor. She lives and writes in a tiny apartment in Seattle. Her poem 725 ft2 is included 4Culture’s Poetry on Buses: Writing Home Online Collection.