IF THE SKY WERE A GIRL by Jessica Therese

Happiness by Clare Elsaesser
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If the sky were a girl she would be a striking one –
lips like miniature clouds, hands able to

shape hurricanes. Together you swim in neon pools,
the moon a lump of charcoal in comparison

to her mouth. You kiss her and your tongue suddenly lives
up to its title as the strongest muscle in the human body,

every tastebud salivating. She is a frequency
you can’t quite pick up – her name shaking like

radio static between your lips. When you touch her,
does it feel like redemption?

When you expressed penance for your sins,
did she offer you absolution?

After she’s ruined you, you cannot
bring yourself to regret her. Even when she’s only

a sharp flicker of a memory, you feel yourself
reaching for your wallet to look at her photograph,

face warped and melted from the rain.

Jessica Therese

Jess is a twenty year old musician and writer from Sydney, Australia. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Music Performance in clarinet at Sydney University. She wants to visit Iceland and plant a field of poppies in her backyard. She only wears odd socks. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Thistle Magazine, Germ Magazine, Letters from Bummer Press, Degenerates: Voices for Peace, and others. Follow her on Tumblr at @contramonte.