Three to Read #10 with April Michelle Bratten


In Monteverde
by Megan Peak in MUZZLE Magazine.

When I first read Megan’s “In Monteverde” a couple of months ago, I immediately shared it with at least three friends and also contacted the author about the poem. Basically, I was gushing. This is a gorgeous, striking poem, and it is worth several reads.


Ryan Gosling Wearing a T-shirt of Macaulay Culkin Wearing a T-shirt of Ryan Gosling Wearing a T-shirt of Macaulay Culkin
by Marisa Crawford in Toad.

This is a duo of two poems with the same title. Marisa does a wonderful job in both, combining wit, nostalgia, sexuality, and sentiment to really heighten these pieces into something special. Plus, she references the early 90s film My Girl several times, which made me joyous.


Your Princess Leaves the Castle
by Emily Rose Cole in FreezeRay Poetry.

FreezeRay Poetry is a fairly new journal that specializes in pop culture poems. Emily’s poem (from the perspective of the Princess in the Super Mario games) is both bold and a sincere delight. One of the wonderful aspects of poetry is that it can be FUN. Emily Rose Cole knows what’s up.

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Contributing Editor

April Michelle Bratten lives in Minot, North Dakota. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Gargoyle, THRUSH Poetry Journal, Southeast Review, Stirring, decomP, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and others. Her Anne of Green Gables inspired chapbook, Anne with an E, is due to be published in the fall of 2015 by dancing girl press. She is the editor of Up the Staircase Quarterly.