The Reel World by Amy L. George

Just bring her home, God by Tyler Rayburn
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The Reel World

If I could,
I would rewind my life.

I would go back through all
the plot twists and turns

if only to be able to relive
that one beautiful moment:

The single scene to ensure your name
in the credits

even if I knew
in God’s cutting room

the outcome of the film
wouldn’t rely on its existence

at all.

Amy L. George

Amy L. George holds an MFA in Creative Writing from National University. Her poetry has been published in various journals, such as Kyoto Journal, WestWard Quarterly, The Foliate Oak Online, Toronto Quarterly, and others. She is the author of The Fragrance of Memory (Amsterdam Press, 2010), Sacred Embers and Ebullient Flames (Red Ochre Press, May 2011), and Desideratum (Finishing Line Press, 2013). She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.