A Home of Our Own by Brett Salsbury

The House Shook by Tyler Rayburn
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A Home of Our Own

Corpses lined the sunset:
Here’s the place, she said,
never mind the midden.
Past the fence we’ll leave our messes
and on the porch I won’t remember things.

In this stanza
we will sleep,
she said.

In this one
we will rest.

And by lowering the den and bending up the trellis
we will raise this house’s logic: we can nestle it up

to the canopy and build a few more desks,
raze the untimely vine and varnish all the stucco,

eat a dinner of turnips and light just a few fireworks,
procreate a foosball team and pad the beach with mortar,

enact some major laws and steal some loaves of bread.
I struggled. I asked: what do we do now? She scoffed

while she dragged a corpse through the living room.
She told me a story about her needlepoint.


Brett Salsbury

Brett Salsbury is a writer who lives in the brightly-lit Las Vegas Valley. He works at UNLV. His work has appeared in Canyon Voices, Peruse and the Blue Island Review. He has a writerly blog-thing located at bmsals.wordpress.com.