Bambi at -18° C by Isla Anderson

Facing the Light by Jude McConkey
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Bambi at -18° C

We saw floodwater. Headless lily stems.
Things wet and sucking; fawn
at gunshot mother’s teat.

What they never said was
the milk stops with the blood; the men
with calloused palms and veal
between their teeth.

That afterwards, the young
grow ricket-boned. Skitter-hoofed.
That at night, they roam the supermarket aisles.
Smell out the meat counters. Lick clean
the knives. Call it heritage.

That there is famine in the way
they move, anaemic, through
these frozen food mausoleums.

In their head-lit, roadkill blinking
at the glass.

Isla Anderson

Isla Anderson is a London-based student. Her poetry has been published in Words Dance and the Adroit Journal amongst others, and has achieved success in several competitions including the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2014. Her first chapbook, ‘Things That Were Important In November,’ is due out in early 2015 – a fact she finds both terrifying and exhilarating. Aside from writing, Isla spends her time taking uncomfortable photographs, sleeping too little and attempting to become part of the forest. She loves art more than anything else. :