Three To Read #8 with Amanda Oaks


Lana Del Rey Meets Me in My Bathroom Mirror
by Megan Falley in Pank.

It’s no secret that I’m a Megan Falley Fangirl. I’ve been patiently waiting to read some of her Lana Del Rey poems since she mentioned that she was writing them months & months ago! The last lines in the poem above KILLED ME but you should just go ahead & read all four of the poems featured BECAUSE: “Lana Del Rey Helps Me Decide What My Pussy Tastes Like” — yeah, you must. I can’t wait to get my hands on her forthcoming chapbook, ‘Bad Girls, Honey’ coming out from Tired Hearts Press next year, all poems centered around Del Rey— “Get us while we’re hot. Get us while we’re hot.”


the game of peonies and foxes and you
by Erin Wilson in Up the Staircase Quarterly.

At that first bang my stomach dropped down to floor & the rest of the poem kicked it all over the goddamn room. Whatta ride. That ride took me skidding into Google for MOAR ERIN! So. Good. (Don’t forget to check out the rest of UTSQ’s new issue!)


A Town Called Rosemary
by Yasmin Belkhyr at Hobart.

It’s all about the prose this time around because I’ve been writing a ton of it! Confession: I have a prose writer crush on Yasmin. The first prose piece I read by her was on her blog, “Opal”— I stood up, eyes wide & said, ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS?! “A Town Called Rosemary”, the same thing. I love when a writer makes my stomach flip over on its back by mashing all my buttons over & over again with their palm.

Amanda Oaks is the founding editor of Words Dance, she likes poems that bloody your mouth just to kiss it clean. Her works have appeared in numerous online & print publications, including Stirring, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Glamour, Elle, Parenting & Artful Blogging. More info on her books, Hurricane Mouth (NightBallet Press 2014) + I Eat Crow, can be found here.

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