Shades by Sonya Plenefisch

Painting by Lola Donoghue
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I’ve been thinking of red since you left,
and I never thought I’d learn to hate a colour.
But that Thursday night was drenched in it,
like neon fruit sap dripping down the lens
of a muted and shaking camera.

Cerise veins in your eyes,
claret bruises on the left ventricle
of our hearts. The door you walked out of
had a red Exit sign glowing like
a live and pulsing organism.

I think of red all the time now,
in its spectrum of shades.

I crushed a sprig of Indian paintbrush
underfoot yesterday, I washed
pomegranate juice off my hands.

When my science teacher
showed us a picture of Mars,
I had to hide my shaking hands
under the desk.

Sonya Plenefisch

Sonya Plenefisch was raised in Ohio, but lives and studies in Cardiff, Wales. She has won awards for poetry from the Ohio Poetry Association, and works as a costumer and scenic painter for various theatre groups. :