Swallow the Moon by Jennifer E. Hudgens

A Heavy Halo To Wear by Caryn Drexl
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Swallow the Moon

I never asked Mama to hand me the moon
or swallow the moon, she was busy
swallowing gallons of salt,
gallons of seawater she felt responsible
to carry, to carry the heaviness of it,
bent backwards to measure,
Mama just wanted to be a woman, not
so much grit and leave me to the moon, her
children learned abandonment, she forgot
joy, forgot dreams of flying, fly me
to the moon.

We always return to the moon,
she weighs heavy, gravity pulled at
her knees, ankles swell with a sad
stream of violence that terrorized
her every night as a child, I never
asked Mama to grapple with
stars in her pocket, or forgive gods
non-existent in the sky, the sky
ruled her cursed, thrill of flying forgot
her name-
they became strangers with no sense of

Mama swallowed matchsticks so her
children would recognize their own
fire, taste flame and sacrifice.

She knows she bore me wild,
she bore me broken hearted,
kissed my forehead with so much
drowning became genetic,
swallowing the sea became
what saved me, salt still heavy
in bone, admiring our bellies,
full with the moon.

Jennifer E. Hudgens

Jennifer E. Hudgens enjoys dressing like a pirate, pretending to be a dinosaur and laughing until it hurts. She falls in love with the oddest of things. She hopes you like her poems and hates talking about herself in third person.: charliewortham.tumblr.com