Kiwi to a Book, a Love Letter by Sasha Kasoff

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Kiwi to a Book, a Love Letter

We aren’t so different, you and I. We both grew on a tree at some point didn’t we? Don’t we share the same roots in a way, as we now share the same tabletop? Brown and rough outside, but I know you have a sweeter inside just like me, though I hide mine better. I saw when they left your pale creamy skin open for the world to see. How you ruffled your pages uncomfortably. You are full of beautiful little black words that are devoured, seeds that grow into ideas; your tartness makes me smile. When my own sweetness is revealed I will roll across the table from my shy place on the side of the fruit bowl and leave a green kiss for you to remember me by, when my shell is thrown away, like your jacket was. I hope it will keep you company, pressed close between your pages, when you go back on the shelf. I am glad I got to know your papery skin ruffling in the breeze, know you are beautiful.


Sasha Kasoff

Sasha Kasoff is a published poet, fantasy writer, and aspiring teacher. She has been writing poetry for over ten years and has wanted to be a teacher her whole life. Having recently returned from studying abroad in Ireland, she is currently attending University of the Pacific. Her poetry can be found in two self-published books of poetry as well as in anthologies, magazines, and other literary presses. Look for her on Goodreads.