Blood and Bone by Meggie Royer

I Can Feel It In My Bones 2 by Caryn Drexl
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Blood and Bone

Strange how elbows could turn someone on.
Yours like milk already folding over into wrinkles, beautiful,
how they support you and all those humble bones,
a museum skeleton stitched together into a person I could love,
spilt crumbs, impatient sighs, and all.
You fit inside me like a pulse that first night together,
so nervous the nape of your neck vibrated like a hummingbird,
jeans and blouse coming to rest on the floor
like meat freeing itself from the bone.
Now, I hold onto you like twine in a game of telephone,
waiting to feel the tug on the other end of the string
to signal you’re still with me, never left.
Freud spoke of the collective unconscious, the mind unaware of itself;
you hid there in mine years before we met
the same way small joints of the jawbone eventually migrated
into the ear region in ancient mammals.
To think, you and your elbows were always part of me
before evolution came along and fused us together.


Meggie Royer

I am a writer and photographer from the Midwest who mainly writes about survival, healing, and love. My work has been published in Words Dance Magazine, Winter Tangerine Review, Hooligan Magazine, and more. In March 2013, my writing portfolio won a National Silver Medal in the 2013 National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and my poetry collection won a National Gold Medal. :