Three to Read #7 with April Michelle Bratten


by Jackson Burgess in Word Riot.

For me, Burgess’ poems stood out above the rest in the latest issue of Word Riot, especially the first poem, “Bird.” This is a gritty poem with mentions of used condoms and drunken underwear shenanigans, but it has moments of beauty too. Besides, this dude sounds super fun to hang out with.


by Anders Carlson-Wee in The Paris-American.

“This is brutal,” I said to a friend as I gave her the link to Anders Carlson-Wee’s new poem in The Paris American. YES. It is so sharp. A short, agonizing poem worth not just one read, but a few.


Through the Shutters
by Mackenzie Jarvis in Front Porch Journal.

All three of Jarvis’ poems in this issue of Front Porch Journal bowled me over. However, I fell in love with the last one, “Through the Shutters,” for its striking imagery, and the narrator’s fascination with unique house smells. I may or may not also have this same fascination, secretly breathing in big whiffs of your home when you are not looking, because the scent of a house is “different for every family.”

Contributing Editor

April Michelle Bratten currently resides in Minot, North Dakota. She received her BA in English from Minot State University. She has had poetry published in Southeast Review, Santa Fe Literary Review, Thrush Poetry Journal, Waterhouse Review, and others. Her collection, It Broke Anyway, was published by NeoPoiesis Press in 2012. Raw Dogs and Other Metaphors, published by Maverick Duck Press, was also released in 2012. She is the editor of Up the Staircase Quarterly.

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