Three to Read #5 with Amanda Oaks


American Dream
by Ali Shapiro in The Collagist.

God Bless America, from the first to the last lines, this poem is the tits. I recently discovered Ali’s work & I am totally fangirling over it. Hungry for more? Start here & then visit her site.


by Erin Dorney on Voicemail Poems.

I physically felt every single line in this poem. Every one of my sensory channels, pushed. Parts of my body, touched. The pit of my stomach, stewing with a strange, unable-to-put-my-finger-on sense of nostalgia. Local Love: Erin lives in Lancaster. I lived in Lancaster for a bit before I moved back to the west side of Pennsylvania. Bonus! You get to hear her read it. Need more from Erin? Visit her site!


by Marcelo Castillo in Devil’s Lake.

Viscerally dark & surreal, I live for the urgency found in this poem. Some of Marcelo’s work has a Siken-esque feel to it & I’m beyond thrilled about that because I am always hunting for work that makes me feel like I may just have a panic attack while reading it. Need more? Check out these poems!

Amanda Oaks is the founding editor of Words Dance. Her works have appeared in numerous online & print publications, including Stirring, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Glamour, Elle, Parenting & Artful Blogging. Her chapbook, Hurricane Mouth, is out from NightBallet Press.

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