Poem Your Heart Out : Poems, Prompts & Room To Add Your Own!

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Words Dance Publishing teamed up with the Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides blog to make their Poem-A-Day challenge this year even more spectacular!

Odds are that you hopped over here from the 2014 April PAD Challenge, if so or if not:

Hey there Glitterbomb, nice to greet you!

If you aren’t yet privy to what’s going on this year, along with the fabulous prompts that Robert shares to get you poeming, there will be 30 badass guest judges!

Wait! Why will there be judges?!

Because one of YOUR POEMS could end up being in the book above! Yes, you read that right! Exciting, yes? I think so.

About the Book

Poem Your Heart Out will hover around 120-150 pgs. It will be sectioned off in days: Day One, Day Two, Day Three, etc. Each section will hold the prompt for that day, the winning poem for that day & space for you to place the poem you wrote for that day’s prompt inside.

Do I have to buy the book to participate in the challenge?

Absolutely not. The only thing we want you to do is WRITE POEMS. Check out the FAQs + tips for the challenge here.

Why Would You Offer Space Inside the Book for Me to Add in my Poems?

1. Um, hello! Because you rock & completed the challenge! Because we feel that every one of you deserve space inside the book but because that’s pretty much impossible from a publishing standpoint, we chose the next best thing: Space for you to fill with your art!

2. Although we encourage you to share your poems in the comments on the Poetic Asides blog, we get that maybe you just don’t want to & that’s totally cool, we respect that.

3. The odds of your poems being picked as winners EVERY SINGLE DAY, well… that’s highly unlikely, but if it happens… COME ON OVER HERE LOVER & LET ME PUBLISH YOUR NEXT BOOK! (;

Seriously though, you could handwrite your poems in. You could type them up on your typewriter, print them off, get all scrapbook on their asses & attach them with glue or decorative tape. You could make a sweet art project out if it & collage them in even! If one (or more!) of your poems end up being picked for the book, if it were me, I’d totally make a Look What I Did Over There, Ma! Winner’s Collage in the blank space, complete with arrows & every stuff, but that’s just me.

4. Let’s be honest, some years we just don’t finish the challenge, life gets in the way, our muse decides to go on a much-deserved vacation, this book will be a way for you to work on your poems all year if need be!

5. We feel like the book will be something for you to treasure, something tangible for an otherwise intangible experience.

When will the book be published?

With over 60 people involved in the book’s publication problems may arise, we’re optimistic though, we hope to release & ship it in August 2014.

Will the book be available on Amazon & other popular distribution channels?

Yes, in August you will be able to order it from other places!

How much is it?

During the pre-order period, between April 1st – May 1st, the book will $12 at 20% off. On May 2nd, it will jump up to $15.


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