THREE TO READ : Poetry Picks : #1


from The Invention of Monsters / A Performance in One Act
by C Dylan Bassett in Birdfeast 9

Looking forward to this chapbook co-authored with Summer Ellison coming out from iO Books this year. I’ve been wolfing down all the scenes I can find online.


What Girls Do
by Sarah Pape in Split Lip Magazine

Recently discovered Sarah’s work & hope to see a book from her soon!


Emma Fox Doesn’t Walk, She Floats
by Megan Falley in Germ Magazine

From Redhead and the Slaughter King forthcoming on Write Bloody in the Fall! If you haven’t read Megan’s first book yet, After the Witch Hunt, you must!


Amanda Oaks is the founding editor of Words Dance. Her works have appeared in numerous online & print publications, including Stirring, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Glamour, Elle, Parenting & Artful Blogging. Her chapbook, Hurricane Mouth, is forthcoming from NightBallet Press in 2014.

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