Welcome to the New Words Dance!

Click here to download the new issue for free!

Big changes ’round here, yes?!

Feel free to surf around on your own, I’m just going to highlight a few of the mega-awesome things…

The first being: The About Page… I’d love for you to peek at it.

Second: The next issue of the magazine will be taking on a new shape!

Despite how beautiful & how much I adore holding the print magazine, I want the poetry & art inside to be more accessible. So, this will be the last print edition. If you’d like a copy, you can head on over to the current issue page. Don’t worry though, we are currently in the brainstorming stages of a few spectacularly-themed printed anthologies, get on our dance card to keep up-to-date on all that jazz!

So, what’s happening with the magazine?

We are just switching formats… we are now an online bimonthly magazine!

Every two months a new issue will drop! Check out the submissions page for more details & guidelines have been tweaked a bit – submissions will open in February for the April issue & stay open indefinitely. A wee warning, the issues are going to be a little more compact though!

Another biggie: You can now download the last 3 issues for FREE! These will serve as sample issues, a loose guide for what Words Dance wishes to publish in the future.

Ginormousness: Check out the Book Store, not only to see what goods we have there, but to peep at what’s coming up this year! We announced a list of the poets we will be publishing this year! Really… it’s kind of dreamy, I am a huge fan of every single one of the poets listed there. Stoked beyond words to be working with them!

Also on the submissions page, you can see that we are still taking submissions for Literary Sexts until January 10th + Six Word Stories & anything poetry-related for the blog. Have a column idea? Shoot it this way!

Some of the formatting inside some of the back posts here on the blog are wonky due to the migration from one blogging platform to another, hope to fix some of that, slowly, but if you see anything glaringly off, don’t hesitate to say, HEY! I’d appreciate it greatly!

Lastly, let me say thank you to all the sweet support I’ve gotten throughout this relaunch, you all are the absolute best! Thank for the cheerleading, the brainstorm sessions (Kat & Amy!), the amazing tech support I received from both Bluehost & Nathan Briggs (who is a WordPress Wizard! Seriously! Get in touch if WP is giving you shit!) & of course, Kurt who is my rock through all things, big & small.

2014… let’s do this!!