A Definitive List of Things I Am Angry About by Donna-Marie Riley

A Definitive List of Things I Am Angry About
by Donna-Marie Riley

I am thrilled to announce that we are currently working on putting Donna’s first collection of poetry together, Love and Other Small Wars, due out early 2014. Donna’s work can be found in both Words Dance 13 & 14, as well – see her bio below to connect with her. This book is fierce as fuck. I can’t wait to share with you.

A Definitive List of Things I Am Angry About


That too many girls
leave their hearts at home
in the morning because
they have been taught that they
are not entitled to their emotions.

They have been taught
to feel, and then take back.

To hurt, and then defend
whoever hurt them
before someone accuses
them of being unreasonable.


That the capability of gay people
raising a child is a matter of
international debate
while straight people
throw their own children out
simply for loving in a way
they cannot personally understand.


That Taylor Swift is degraded
in the media because she writes
songs about her ex-lovers.

No one ever told Shakespeare
to stop being such a slut.


That last week a man
softly cupped my ass
while offering to buy me a drink
and they kicked me out of the bar
when I punched him in response.


That women
are expected to be
but unaware of it.

but quiet about it.

but without desires
of their own.


That white people ask
why black people need BET.

It’s not like white people
have a channel all to themselves.

Every channel
is for white people.


In that same vein,
that straight people
have the nerve to ask,
“Why isn’t there a
STRAIGHT pride?”

For the record,
if you are not a member
of a minority group,
you do not need any more
than you already have.


That we shame girls
for taking provocative
pictures of themselves,
but can access porn
to our heart’s content.


That one in five people
in the UK suffer from
but people still write
“kill yourself”
on YouTube comments.


That atheists complain
about having religious
beliefs forced upon them
but are the first to
call a person stupid
at the mention of God.


That I am not
the only one writing
this poem, but still,
it won’t help.

Donna-Marie Riley is one part aspiring poet, ninety-nine parts self-doubt. She resides in Brighton, England and writes as a means of keeping the loneliness at bay. A selection of her work can be found on her personal blog, whilst spoken word performances can be found on her YouTube channel.