Word of Mouth : White Girl Can’t Love That Way by Desireé Dallagiacomo

White Girl Can’t Love That Way
Desireé Dallagiacomo

Two of Desireé’s poems were featured in Words Dance 13, check that out &/or you can explore more of her work + buy her chapbook on her blog.

Desireé is also one half of what looks to be brilliant two-woman show with Sasha Banks. Take a peek at their Kickstarter campaign, share, donate, support:

From Her Mouth Came the Flood

From their Kickstarter page:

Sasha Banks and Desireé Dallagiacomo may have been cut from the same flower-and-brass-knuckle-covered cloth. Desireé, a California native living in New Orleans, and Sasha, an Alaskan in Dallas, are both awkwardly making their ways to the microphone in a 2-woman extravaganza exploring womanhood, societal placement, and young humanhood as they attempt to break down and restructure the woman body on stage in a one-act show, in front of lots and lots of people.

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