as you become by Adebe D. A.

as you become

the essence of your poetry
remains as a sleepless pain
while I rise,
ready to jump
above skies for you
or hit rock bottom for you,
you’ll be needing most
it’s the least I can do,
becoming your prayer
so that my body made from alchemy
can find you, call the gods all in
and send warm waves
of healing hands
to rest on your skin; waves like wind
fueling crimson rain hurricane
red sea,
blood ocean –

in such waters I will blow life force
back into you
so that I can be alive,
because you would be
and even break my bones if I had to
so you could
from my rib: the altered myth
but the reality
of you as permanent as a star itself,
and your death as a star’s own death
spanning ten thousand years after
when the arctic hearts of the world
will have melted down
like I imagine it,
and you becoming
not a second to spare.

                – Adebe D. A.
                   from Words Dance 8, Fall 2005