We Sit Alone by Michelledion Matthews

we sit alone

in an empty lot
facing the mountains

it’s 2 pm
you’ll be back
at work soon
in your computer
hum key click world

but for now
it’s you
and i
and the mountains

on the el paso side,
you say,
the rich whites live
at the top in desert palaces

front yards carpeted
with sod and a cactus
or two just for kitsch

on the juarez side
the poor are outcasted
to the same height

magenta or rio linda
blue siding to keep
them warm and a dirt
yard to sweep in
the bore of summer

i ask you
which is better
we agree

span the dash

they’re bigger
than your desk
job, than the compliments
you hand feed me,
and the wife
who doesn’t know
about them

they are
far bigger
than you
and i
and this

                – Michelledion Matthews
                   from Words Dance 7, Spring 2005