untitled #22 by Kelsey Jones

untitled #22

they say it isn’t “kosher”,
you and i –
they say it isn’t natural,
the way we are

they say it isn’t right,
tell us we’re an abomination
in the eyes of God –
they preach the
of marriage, the pureness
of straight love,
tell us that we’ll burn
in the devil’s
playground – – – –

but baby, all i want
is to swallow
you down
whole and revel in the
smoothness of your
and the silkiness of your hair,
the sly quirk of your
tongue, and the wicked twitch
in your hips

I want to fall asleep
with my head cradled in your lap,
and dream your
speeding through my veins,
pushing my heart
to delirium

I want to hold your hand in
public, and not have old
ladies sneer and make
a circle
around us – I want to kiss
your cheek, holler your
name, tell you
I love you
and not have it be
some media three ring,
you know?

baby, I just wanna be with you

                – Kelsey Jones
                    from Words Dance #5 Summer 2004

This poem was written by my coeditor at the time, Kelsey Jones, in a themed issue we released in the of Summer of 2004 : Supreme Extremist. The guidelines stated : We are looking for poems that might piss off the authorities. A few topic examples being: politics, rebellion, the environment, women’s lib, blue-collar, religion, an alternative philosophy, et cetera, anything avant-garde. We are looking for liberated pieces of poetry, be it long, short, prose, whatever. We are seeking poets that like to spout off in clear-cut imagery, metaphor or confessional verse while incorporating a subject matter that would earn a haughty sneer from the average conformist. We want your realness.