Street Jazz by Chris Kornacki

street jazz

most think
downtown detroit
is a burning garbage heap
so no one ventures through the city
unless they’re moving towards
some well organized venue
with tight security
metal detectors
and inflated ticket priced

but me and my friends
and drinking
22’s of “high life”
out of brown paper bags
forget all about the $70
scalper priced concert tickets
we can’t afford
as we sit on the corner
listening to a jazz trio
who’ve set up stage
on the street

they don’t even lay out
a deep pitted hat
or an empty instrument case
to collect spare change
but play
for the sake of playing
with no other reason
than to put a solid saxophone shrill
into the footsteps
of the people passing

they don’t want our money

and there’s not too many people
moving past here
who are willing
to just sit out on the street
and appreciate that

                – Chris Kornacki
                   from Words Dance 8, Fall 2005