across the room by Riley Nisbet

across the room

I saw you
in a flower dress
and I wondered where
the other summer
clothes hung
in the closet
during cold months
like February

something happened
between us
and we wound up
lying beside
each other
as I read to you
Williams, Roethke,
and one by Creely;
and while Bon Iver
played through the speakers
my mind wandered
to your dream catcher
tattooed shoulder
and your postered wall
of Lennon/McCartney
in ‘65.
I like The Beatles.
I like Bon Iver

I like books too
and writing
will you read what I write
if I write it for you?
about you?
my book
could be on your shelf
and myself
in your mind
I’d like that

I like breakfast
I like the one
we had together
this morning.

                – Riley Nisbet

I am a student at Central Michigan University, and I am terrible at introductions.
Twitter: @rileynisbet