The Many Reams of Perfect by Jason Neese

The Many Reams of Perfect

the night pours over us like starshine
that ankle wrapped dance

a mood

like a crude
revival, our hearts stitched together
a giant balloon

with a hot wet naked
to the air and a stringed flower
in the lush

little toes across the creek

and the flutes ring
and the silver
wears a feast
clinking to smile
the ridges lined
and you in white the red curling
and me in black the curl ready

our little ship floating in the bay
the lapping waves bouncing
us the starry night rinsing

                – Jason Neese

jason feels like they should play the national anthem directly following every episode of jersey shore before cutting to white snow. he lives in los angeles and works in tv. he has written four unpublished novels. snooki has written one. published.