Just Drive by Ellie Di

Just Drive

Get in the car, drive my love to work.
Pulling away from the curb, I’m suddenly drenched in the need to just drive.
It soaks through to my marrow.
The rising sun reveals the bruises of the sky, heavy with waiting autumn rain and crisping the air to that scent and temperature I’ve always found exhilarating.
The battered and dirty skyline seems oddly new and strange for a city I’ve known for years.
Main Street unfurls before me, the yellow and white lines broken beacons against the asphalt, and just beyond it, I know, is the highway.
She calls to me.
The radio offers no reprieve from the tugging on my being, on my nature: this is my gimmick, I want to win it, I’m selling out, I won’t fight you no more…
The Wanderer grips the steering wheel, white-knuckled, torn in battle with the GrownUp.
I ache to keep moving forward, to straddle the worn lanes of the highway, to Niagara, to Kingston, to New York, to Montreal, to just gogogo.

But I don’t.

I make the left turn onto Caroline and circle back to my house, to my kitties, to my life, the invitation and the power of the moment still ringing in my flesh.

                – Ellie Di

Ellie Di is a headologist, spiritual nomad, compulsive scribbler, literary midwife, and professional pompom shaker who spends her days writing like a motherfucker for The Headologist.